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Share original photographs, follow others, and comment in two minutes.

Stay engaged with the convenient calendar feature.


BeReal/Type full is a mobile application designed to create a unique interactive experience for users to share original photos and build connections with others. It offers a variety of features including following, photo sharing, and a calendar for keeping track of interaction history.

Problem Statement

In today’s world, people are looking for new ways to connect with others and share their experiences. However, many social media platforms can be overwhelming and lack a personalized touch. Additionally, it can be challenging to keep track of interactions with others on these platforms.


BeReal/Type full solves these problems by providing a unique interactive experience for users. The app allows users to follow each other and send pictures that must be responded to within 2 minutes, encouraging engagement and building connections. The photo sharing feature allows users to share original photos and get creative feedback from others, creating a personalized touch. The app’s calendar feature allows users to keep track of their interaction history, making it easy to stay organized.


BeReal/Type full has been successful in providing a unique and engaging social media experience for users. Users appreciate the personalized touch and the ability to build connections with others through the app. The interactive photo sharing feature has been particularly popular, as it encourages creativity and fosters engagement. The app’s calendar feature has also been well-received, helping users stay organized and track their interactions with others.