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Delivery App is a mobile application that allows users to easily request and receive delivery services for their items. The app connects users who need items delivered with people who are willing to deliver them. With Delivery App, users can post items that need to be delivered, receive offers from delivery people, and select the best option for their needs. The app provides a secure and efficient platform for both senders and delivery people to communicate and complete transactions.

Problem Statement

Before the development of Delivery App, it was challenging for people to find a reliable and affordable way to get their items delivered. They had to rely on expensive courier services or unknown individuals to deliver their items, which could result in lost, damaged or delayed delivery. Moreover, there was no effective platform for both parties to communicate, creating a lack of trust between them.


Delivery App provides a user-friendly interface for both senders and delivery people. The user can easily post the item, specify the pickup and delivery locations, and receive offers from delivery people. The service buyer can review each offer and select the one that best meets their needs. The app provides a chat feature that enables direct communication between the sender and the delivery person to arrange the specifics of the delivery. The app also has a secure payment feature that ensures payment is made once the item is delivered.


Delivery App has been successful in connecting users who need items delivered with delivery people who are willing to deliver them. It has made it easier and more affordable for users to get their items delivered quickly and hassle-free. The app has gained a loyal following and has received positive reviews from users. The app has also created a new gig economy, providing more employment opportunities for delivery people.