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Bricks Layer calculates building hypotenuses, mortar, bricks, concrete, blocks, ties, and arches.

It accelerates  construction project planning and implementation. 


Bricks Layer is a mobile application designed to help construction professionals with their projects by providing a variety of tools and resources in one place. The app is intended to streamline the planning and execution of construction projects by allowing users to access a range of features from their smartphones or other devices.

Problem Statement

Construction professionals often face challenges when it comes to calculating the necessary quantities of materials required for their projects. This can lead to delays, errors, and inefficiencies in the construction process. Additionally, it can be challenging for professionals to access the information and resources they need while on the job site.


Bricks Layer is an app that addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive set of tools and resources that can be accessed easily from a mobile device. The app features tools for calculating hypotenuse, mortar, bricks, concrete, blocks, ties, and arch, making it easier for professionals to plan and execute construction projects accurately and efficiently. Users can also browse job advertisements, check weather and material rates, and access help and support, all from within the app.


Bricks Layer has been well-received by construction professionals, who appreciate the convenience and functionality that the app provides. The app has helped users to streamline their work processes and complete their projects more efficiently. By providing a range of tools and resources in one place, Bricks Layer has helped professionals to save time and reduce errors, leading to increased productivity and improved project outcomes. Additionally, the app’s user-friendly interface has made it easy for professionals to access the information and resources they need, even when working in challenging environments.