Solar App Case Study

Design & Develop By APSANE

Solar App simplifies solar panel calculations and provides thorough amortization reports.

Make informed recommendations and readily exchange reports. It’s convenient for German photovoltaic dealers.


The app is designed to help German photovoltaic dealers calculate the amortization of solar panels for their clients. By inputting specific data, such as annual power consumption, number of solar panels, roof pitch, and roof orientation, the app provides dealers with a detailed amortization report that includes graphical representation.

Problem Statement

Previously, German photovoltaic dealers had to manually calculate the amortization of solar panels, which could be a time-consuming and tedious process. This could also lead to errors in calculations, which could negatively impact the recommendations they made to their clients.


The app provides a user-friendly interface for dealers to input data and receive accurate amortization reports quickly. This not only simplifies the calculation process but also ensures that the dealers can provide their clients with informed recommendations based on accurate data. Dealers can also easily share the reports with their clients, which adds a level of transparency to the process.


The app has received positive feedback from German photovoltaic dealers who have used it. They have reported that the app has made the calculation process faster and more accurate. The graphical representation of the data has also been praised for making it easier to understand and present to clients. As a result, dealers have been able to provide their clients with informed recommendations based on accurate data, which has helped to build trust and credibility.